Friday, November 28, 2008

Fraser's Hill for insects

I've gotta admit, I(personally) just LOVE Fraser's Hill! For various reasons, Fraser's Hill is an excelent place to proveide you a 'get-away' feel from the tropical forest of moden buildings. Besides, Fraser's Hill have many(well.. depends on one's opinion) different spesies of wildlife too.

I've not gotten any photo of the trip yet, but i can provide you of what I got there. More photos to come when I receive the photo =)


something... something which I do not know the name

a giant Moth~

Baby beetles~
We don't know the name of this creature, but we somehow named it after Jun Yang, the founder of this bug lolhuh?!?! What's this??

A praying mantis!!


huge..? or tiny?
well.. judge yourself..

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