Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rat Dissection for STPM

Dissection is.. fun!

At least that's what I think personally. All the intestine, 'juices' and stuff make it even better.

The cute little dead mice

So my class had 2 days of dissection. Yesterday and the day earlier. The first one was for the rat's Digestive System and the second one for the rat's Circulatory System.

I think every boy in the class enjoyed, especially Dennis while the girls.. so so lar.. most notably Harshani as her facial expression says it all. D=

Let the pictures do the talking =)

ME!!Rattatouile..?Meng Hua and I The class
The 'thrash bag'
Zhu Jun enjoying her dissection
Dennis' rat with every bit of intestine out
guess this ;)
Its the heart of the rat! with the size of a peanut


I am actually holding the liver and intestines
Day 2
Li Wah~
pose lar Yee Ling
Shirley Ding Suet Lee holding the rat's tail with no obvious sympathy
The tools and the rat
Yee Ling poser!
LOL Meng Hua

Kar Heng : Kamehame~hahahahahahahaha!
Know what is that? Its the rat's balls =)
Meng Hua again
Sorry a lil' blur here

ky with her 'offspring'
Dennis ~
euukk =/
what you staring at?!?!


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Gabriel Jackson said...

how do u do a dissection? I'm not into experimenting a animal, but I'll have to because it's compulsory. :-(