Friday, May 1, 2009

Labour Day Football

Its Labour Day. A worldwide holiday! Yay a holiday!

Awkward it might seems but nobody cares anyway. The school was full of people/students/old boys even on Labour Day. Field filled with old boys and BB, basketball court with the ballers and one or two classes with Mr Chee's tuition too.

So as planned we had football in the school field after a long while. Attendance was pretty encouraging and Keh Bin's first half goalkeeping wasn't bad either.

nampak i?

Then headed for lunch with Szeto, Seng Hang, Shim, Joel and Keh Bin as the others went swimming at Chin Woo. I did not follow cause.. I can't swim =/

My friend, Seng Hang was involved in an accident with.. a POLICEMAN. What he said was he emergency braked at a junction then after 2-3 seconds a Police Patrol Car rammed into the back of his butt.

So we went to the KL police headquarters near Times Square to meet up with the officer and the officer brought Seng Hang to the mechanics to show the receipt and stuff and.. money lar. But Seng Hang will always be Seng Hang. He bargained and tried to use his "law" student's mind to argue and he proved a point. The policeman paid RM 80 for the repair and Seng hang RM140. Do the maths.

Anyway, didn't I say I will go on a hiatus?

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