Monday, May 11, 2009

The whole weekend I was pretty much out of KL. I was in Kajang. Kajang is in Selangor mind you.

It was my cousin bro's wedding. All the way from US back to Malaysia just to have the ceremonial done.

On sat night they had some sort of 'seong tau' means combing hair or some sort. Traditional

Did I ever mentioned that my grandpa is gonna be 90 years old come August? 90 and still going strong gonggong!

see? he is strong. naked even in the air conditioned room. oh and thats my mum

Got bored, camwhored.
My dad and I
Sis and I

I even baby sitted my baby nephew, Jun Yin for a moment. Call me papa!

Anyway, Mid term is around the freaking corner!

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