Sunday, April 5, 2009

Of once my 'hometown' and qingming

I thought..
I would be able to get a nice weekend rest but instead, I was told that I'll have to wake up early in the morning to.. you know.. qingming.

If you don't know what Qing Ming is, find it out yourself then tell me more in details. lol

Reason why is, I only know that during Qing Ming which is around the fourth month of the Lunar Calender, the chinese will go to the graveyard and 'pray' the dead ones. 

That's Mr.Choo and Mr.Choo, his grandson, aka my dad. No you won't see anything errie.

The view from above

my greatgranddad's point of view lol

Then I grabbed the chance to sort of balik kampung too. The place where I used to running and fooling around but too bad la.. its all no longer there. Its a place where I have lots of memories there too. Its all demolished.

the old folks home which was older than my dad. back then my house was just behind it.

See the buildings at the background? My kampung gave way for these

Awww memories..!

OK so Liverpool won the match last night with a last gasp goal from Yossi Bennayoun. Liverpool hit the post and crossbar 4 times and had my heart pounding throughout the match. 

And the Malaysian GP too. 

How i wish I could be there but it turns out to be a wise choice not to even if I have the chance.. the race was stopped halfway due to the heavy rain and I might be struck by lightning too and the.. grid girls look worst than a whore! 

Anyway, good night peeps!


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