Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just how ridiculous school rules can be? Punishing students where we were seen as good boys by other people for some stupid and ridiculous reason is very frustrating indeed. Well yes rules is rules and everyone have to abide with it but can't it be flexible? 

Rules is made for the better of people. I don't see the point of punishing people when she feels like it and raising one's voice aren't something good. Impolite to be precise. How will outsiders see us when they hear the roaring voice of a woman scolding someone in the public? Can we still consider ourselves a grade above the rest school? Noise pollution.

From my point of view, rules can be flexible and it is not necessary to follow it 100%. Moral teaches us all the good values too. If they can't uphold it themselves, how can they expect us to be practising it in our real life? 

Rules are meant to be broken!

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