Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just as I thought, my 'lan si lan yeong' face got me into some kind of misunderstanding again. Well again. if you know me well enough, I am nothing as mentioned. Enough on that, it is not the first time, so never mind that.

Its almost been a week since I last updated. Sorry fellows 'loyal reader(s)' lol

Let's see what I've done..

nothing special happened.

Probably the last class with Mr.Chee, my chemistry tutor. I am done with his sarcastic-I-am-the-only-one-that-can-help-you-teacher and no-answer class.

Err Prefects' Day..? Hmm guess so

Pn Phoon's last day at school. Took lots of pictures. Duty for photography club duh~

Had a really, really bad running nose. Can't concentrate in class enough that practically all the lessons had were rubbish. Urh the first ever house practice for the Goh Tong house, the house of orange. It should have been recorded in the history book. got home, took a pill and doze off from 6pm-5.45am the next day. wooohoo!

Basketball training. Nothing specific.

Aik hectic school life!

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