Monday, December 1, 2008

Papilion, place where you can get insects!!

So today I, Meng Hua, Jun Yang, Chien Ling, Kit Yee, Xiau jing and Kar Heng together went to this place, Papilion situated somewhere near Sri Gombak off Batu Caves. I can roughly tell where it is and I remember the road sounds something like Jalan Sememam or Semaman and the shop is at number 55.

We had some trouble looking for the place initially, but a miliion thank you to Uncle Woo, Chien Ling's dad who drove us there. We managed to reach tehre on around 1+.

Yeah~ reached~

The shop

Upon reaching, we were amazed by the butterflies displayed at the entrance. Let alone be those butterflies be part of our project we would get full mark for it.
The display~

The boss~ hard at work~

Then we sorta like choose whatever we like and believe me, there are millions of beetles, butterflies, leafhoppers and cicadas that it can make you pengsan!

some of my selections~

And they even sell scorpions!

Then after getting what we get, the boss brought us up to th eshowroom located upstair and gosh, you'll pengsan even more now. There were butterflies, spiders, beetles and any kind of insects EVERYWHERE! variety of colour too. How I love to wish I could bring back even just 1% of them.

each one above is RM 45 if I am correct.

This is RM 80RM 50the largest one could be sold above RM300


Then after that Chien Ling's dad brought us to the Ulu Yam restaurant, the one famed for their Ulu Yam Loh Mee. The food there's nice! AGain a million thank you to Chien Ling's dad, as he sent each of us home!

Part of my purchase~

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Taiki Fujiwara said...

hi, i was looking through the internet to find where i could get preserved insects as i am now in form 6, and i found your page.
just wanna ask, how much is the cheapest insect there? cos RM45 is like so expensive...