Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

~Home Sweet Home~ well that is what I call my home. After away from my home for more than a month, it feels so good to be back home, feeling the great joy of Chinese New Year at he same time. Yay its Chinese New Year!

Rounding off the first month of NS, I can say it is not as boring as it would be as I first thought. My first impression on my camp site, Kg. Hijrah, Penor isn't good though. The reason why is because the camp site wasn't completely built and most of the physical activities couldn't be carried out in a period of time. The male trainees were given the tag as 'Wira' and the female trainees as "Wirawati'.

To my dorm, the place where I spent most of my time outside the activities. My dorm, A1, which stand for Alpha-1 has 25 person and my bed numebr is A1-21. Lucky number 21 huh? There are 5 chinese, 1 Indian and a bumiputera from Kuala Lipis. His name is Ramlan A/L Machon, someone unique and have a lot of attention on him on everything he does. The only Indian, Kevin is also someone famous for his hip hop outlook and also his beatbox ability. Well the rest of them are Malay and nothing much specifically bout them.Not to forget, the rank holder in the room, more known as Sergeant by most of the trainees. the 3 balak on the shoulder was given to Choo Wai Kien.

On the food, 6 meals daily. GREAT. 6 MEALS. Meals on 0730, 1030, 1230, 1630, 1830, 2230. Basically, it consist of 3 heavy course, and 3 light tea-break. The drinks they serve is sooooo sweet. Drinking a glass daily would end up in severe diabetes. The food.. hmm malay style of cooking? Luckily enough I'm used to such food before I'm off to NS.

Waking up not later than 6am everyday is torturing providing that everynight we can only sleep on 11.00 or later. Not getting enough sleep will make me fall asleep in the class! The character building class is sometimes boring enough to dooze you off even when you had enough sleep!

Every Sunday the Buddhist and the Christians would be off to the nearest town, Kuantan. I myself as a Buddhist were driven to the Pahang Buddhist Association which is located in Kuantan, off a hill. The temple have some nice scenary and I hope the photos will be sent to me soon. Trainees from the neighbouring camp, Gambang, Pekan and Chini were there too on every Sunday.

Hopefully this holiday would give me a timely break before the SPM result will be announce on the 28th February. I need mental and physical preparation before the result are presented in
front of my very own eyes..
~Coporal Kevin and Sergeant Choo~

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