Friday, December 28, 2007


The mood's right. Alright, I'll be off to NS on tomorrow, 29th December 2007 judging the time now is already 5.00 am. It'll only when Chinese New Year that I'll be back for a mere 6 days.

Got my stuff packed and hell, that's a lot of stuff! hmm "shirts..check! pants..check! under's'..check! blablabla...check!! " Well that's basically how things are being done as I am packing up the stuff.
~lol that's me packing the stuff~

5 minutes earlier~

~Tada~~ It's all in one now!~

Well pic above just shows how efficient I am in doing things last minute. But of cos-la with the supervision and help from both my mum and sis.

While I'm away for NS I'll try to sneak myself to a nearby CC so that I would be able to update my blog and check out on my 'lovely' friends. Oh ya, in case if you miss me, u can always gimme a call at 01x-xxxxxx2. want it? ask for it. LOL joking.

Anyways, I hereby announce that it will be a 38 days off for

Till then, see ya!

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