Monday, December 3, 2007

" Tilam Tilam! Jual tilam lama beli baru~! "

" here! pass to the right! "
" nice one! "

As the ball which i crossed to my teammate was headed into the back of the net, and they come celebrating the goal which he had scored and the brilliant cross i made, all of them sounded like

" Tilam tilam! Jual tilam lama beli baru ~! "

I was like WTF for a moment. Cause as it seems usual enough, ones does not realise that it is a dream until he or she wakes up. The dream seems real enough to me. And again, all of them sounds ;

" Tilam tilam! Jual tilam lama beli baru ~! "

Sigh. Waking me up while I was dreaming is torturing. Even though it is 11 in the morning, but ain't it still early in the day where you shout out those stuff?! Dei bro, I was working a part time job yesterday and now you cant even let me have a good sleep?

I hate you " tilam tilam, jual tilam lama beli baru"

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