Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pulau Pangkor

I am back from Pulau Pangkor! Well trust me its superbly freakishly awesome! Too bad to those who turned down the opportunity to join us for this trip. The trip was well planned and all of us was having loads of fun! It might be LONG but I am not blaming anyone for not reading but I am still blogging it, for myself perhaps? And a thank you in advance if you do and really read it!

1st day:
Reach school on about 7.30. Gather with the rest at sudut bacaan at school and Mr. Foong Wing Luo, our organiser reach about 15 minutes later together with the bus. I was seated at the back seat of the bus with Shim, Jun Min and Szeto. It took us nearly 3 hours to reach the Lumut Jetty. Tickets given, and off we go heading towards Pangkor Island. All of us went to the open deck to enjoy the sea breeze amidst the hot sun. Once we reach the Pangkor Island's jetty, we got onto the van made ready for us by the 'taiko', our tour guide and heads toward the Coral Bay Resort and hell yeah! It's just a minute walk from our hotel to the beach! and right below my room is the swimming pool! Just as I thought, sea foods. On our first meal at Pulau Pangkor, we were treated with some locally cooked chinese food and it is tasty. After the meal, we got our bicycle and we cycle around the area, 29 people in a group. Mat rempit? haha outta my way! I then cycle to the snooker centre with Wing Luo, Yap, Ryan, Wing Yip and Chen Fai. Lost to Chen Fai by a thread-like-margin. Damn it was close to getting in that vital 7-points black ball! After that I went around the island by myself on bicycle and I discovered that Pangkor Island is a Chinese area. Back to the resort then and Captain Ball's next! Jump into the 4-feet deep pool quickly and teamed up with Seng Hang, Melvin, Szeto, Arjuna, Joseph and Eric in that 7 people/team game. Honestly, we was enjoying until we did not realise that we were making a whole lot of noise! Exhausted, Dinner's next and nothing much about that. Then, 18 of us went to the CC and the rest to the snooker centre. Played DOTA and lemme tell you, its fun! Chen Fai's bike was stolen and as a result, Eric gave his to Chen Fai and I rode Eric back to the resort. It was tiring but these moment are printed into my brain and I will never forget this. While some were playing PS2, I gamble Black Jack with the normal kakis. Won some money and then I am off to bed ready for the next day out into the sea!

2nd day:
To the beautiful sea of Pangkor. 2 boats were there for us and i got onto the boat. Was introduced to the landmarks of Pangkor Island by the tour guide and gosh, it amazes me. Next up, initially I thought I saw a patch of oil on the surface of the sea, but the truth proves me wrong. It was actually a shallow area where the coral reefs were on. Snorkeled for the first time! Damn it was fun! Too bad thou I cant swim and couldn't get too far from the boat. Got back up into the boat and then the guide show us some of his daring moves like a quick turn on a speed boat and drifting on the sea! Splashes of water made me cool as we removed our shirt before diving in. Got onto the fish feeding area and we feed the fish with bread. This time, I could get further with the help of some swimming tips from my friend. I then had a hand on the banana boat together with some of my friends. 7 person per ride and it costs us 15buck. Was dropped into the sea 3 times but again, its fun! Highlights of the ride was I was hit at my balls by Seng Hang when we were drop into the sea and when Keh Bin drop before all of us, far far away from the us. Oh ya Johnny dived into the sea from the banana boat before we was ordered so. Too bad we couldn't get a picture of any of these moments. After the outing to the sea, Captain ball again and this time we enjoyed ourselves even more! Played almost 3 hours and before all of us get back to our rooms, I, Shim and Johnny did some daring moves as we dived into the pool from a height of like 5 foots above water level. Splashes were everywhere and Shim even kicked a ball right against the wall. Only then, we realised that all our illegal moves were recorded by the CCTV! We runned off from the pool and get back up into our room, getting ready for our dinner. After dinner, it was raining and we were grounded for only activity beyond our room. Some were playing PS2, Gambling, Drinking, chit-chatting and some were watching a comedy show. AT the time like 11++, A call from Kelvin's room saying that

"Andrew lum jor argh!!"

What it means here is Andrew is drunk! he alone drank 3 bottles of Tiger beer and hell, He is drunk. All of us were troubled by him and get into laughter by his moves. He crapped a whole lots of thing and eventually tire himself up at 2am. All these moments were recorded by Seng Hang's phone.

3rd day:
Got up in the morning, washed up and breakfast at the restaurant again. Asam laksa doesn't taste as good as their sea foods. Got back up to our room and pack up, ready to get back home. Gosh were so heavy hearted of leaving Pangkor Island so quickly. Before getting to the jetty, we get ourselves to a souvenir shop and some local products such as Ikan Bilis, salted fish, Squids and so on. Upon getting to the jetty, we took our seats at the lower deck, the back part. The reason why is because the open deck was wet and crowded before we got onto the ferry. I took my sit, chatted a while and then as the ferry moves, I, Johnny, Yew Son, Kar Heng, Szeto, Joel, Yap and Shim went to the top deck to have some air. As i come back to the lower deck for my seat, an Indian auntie seated leisurely seemingly as if she has the right to do so and has no need to apologise nor to give me back my place. Of course, I am educated and I do not wish to get into brawl with an auntie in the ferry. Reaches Lumut Jetty, bus arrive and we get us onto the bus heading back to KL. Stopped at Bidor for a lunch. The 'duck-foot-mee' was nice but it didn't really get me fulled. Maybe I was too tired. Reach KL at about 6.30 and then back to home. I really miss these moments and it'll be in my memory forever.

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