Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Guo Dong!

Hmm every traditional Chinese family around would be celebrating this I guess. Every year on 22nd December, this traditional Chinese celebration, 'Guo Dong', or Goh Dong depending on how you pronounce it will be celebrated. We'll make some 'tong yuin', or glutinous rice ball..? LOL I am sure of the name.

In 3 days time it will be Christmas, and in another 7 days I'll be off to National Service. Haven't get anything prepared yet which includes body check-up, a Bank Pertanian account, packing of cloth, etc.

Oh ya, made 2 pairs of new spectacle on Thursday. Its actually buy 2 free 1 at RM168, kind of cheap huh? As I might need extra spectacle during the course of NS, so I decided to take the offer.

Well this week passed relatively slow to me. Am bored of the games i play and also a result of the inability to get the new FM08 disc. No matter what I've to get the game before I am off to NS!

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