Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Musical

Christmas will be on tomorrow! Am so in mood now as I went to a Christmas Musical organised by the Charis Church Center at PGRM. Was amazed by the work done as the church ain't really big and there were such a big crowd attending the concert.

After the concert, got to makan "Al-Ikhsan" mamak store. Sounds familiar ? lol some kind of sports shop in Sg. Wang? Well yes it is but the shop's name is actually Al-"blabla" (sry couldn't remember the name) which was pronounce wrongly, or rather jokingly by Johnny. After the musical went to Johnny's house. Just hang about, saying hi to auntie, visiting his birthday-girl niece and just basically, wasting time around.

in 5 days time I'll be off to NS and hell, I'll miss KL. I'll miss my family, my friends, computer and obviously football. I'll not be able to watch Liverpool for roughly 3 months! Gosh that's a lot!

It's Christmas eve, anybody with the mood to go for countdown? Or movie? Anyone?

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