Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Once again, I was confronted by some punk heads on today's evening. Not once but TWICE.

1st scenario: As Eric and I were walking back to the BTR LRT Station, there were 2 punk heads on our tail. We wasn't aware momentarily until one of them say

" chai.. chai, ada 2 ringgit ar?" asked one of the punk head

" 2 ringgit ? takde takde" I replied

" takde ke? ade 40sen? " the punk head ask again

" takde takde " I replied again, losing my patience

" abis ade rokok? bagi satu la.. " he ask again

" rokok? pigi beli sendiri la kat sana " I replied, with a sarcastic tune

The punk head leave the scene after the verbal exchangement.

2nd scenario: Then, as usual I take the usual walkway heading back home. As I reaches the lobby, or the motorbikes parking areas, a group of punk heads, about 20-30 of them were gathering there as if there'll be a gang fight going on. Of course I dare not messing up with such a large number of them. I took the alternative way heading towards the staircase which is isolated from them. But unlucky enough, they spotted me. About 6-7 of them come towards me, crowded me and

" Chai ade 1 ringgit " ask one of them, as the rest of them either stopping me in my track, searching my pocket for wallet and with the "cari gaduh" look on their face.

" takde takde " I answered, pushing them away.

" alar chai, 1 ringgit pun takde ke? " remark one of them

" ... " I didn't answered a thing and walk away

What disappoint me most is that they were sitting RIGHT IN FRONT of the RELA Office, and yet no actions were taken against those fellas. Aren't the RELA member supposed to fight off such criminals? Aren't they suppose to provide a safety environment to the neighbourhoods? I seriously doubt their credential after such large group of unfriendly dressed youths were allowed to gather RIGHT IN FRONT of their very own eyes. The exhaustion of today's football session with my friends taken it's tool on me as part of the reason why the confrontation happen. But, welcome to 'hell-ish' neighbourhood!

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