Sunday, May 31, 2009

When brothers meets again

awwh! it's been a while since I last watch any movie in the cinema. Exam, kaki-less, recession and stuff.

But what's better to do on holiday? So I watched Monster vs Alien. Yes I watched it and its not only for kids below 12. There were more adults than teenagers in the hall.

Son and I
~On the way to the cinema~

Anyway the focus is not on the movie. We gather some of the active ones and did some reunion(anyway I still meet Shim every school day, Szeto and Joel every futsal and Yew Son frequently) Seng Jun, Seah, Marcus and Chen Fai. Johnny & Andrew ffk.

While waiting for Seng Jun's shoe

Then some of us left earlier. But it turned out to be a bad choice as we missed the Chen Fai's birthday 'celebration'. Never mind though as all that matters is the heart =)
Joel, Seah, Marcus, Seng Jun and Chen Fai
ice cream?

Apparently, the first week of holiday is fully booked. Well I mean occupied. I'll have to go out practically everyday and of course extra classes as usual =/

Oh and our Morianz blog (note: 07/08) is under renovation as a result of 'competition' from the juniors.

With Sze To at helm I guess it wouldn't be long until the new one is out!

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