Saturday, May 30, 2009


Apparently, people are complaining to me that my blog cannot be accessed and its lagging. Both of which I think is related to each other.

Perhaps its due to the post "Love Story meets Viva La Vida" or the photo which was piling up one after another which takes a great time to load as a result of the slow connection speed? You name it.

But am I gonna make changes? not just yet

So few days ago, I think the whole world was acknowledging the brilliance of Barcelona who gave Manchester a mauling.

head held low the United players
I somehow thinks this picture is very spectacular in every sense. owh how well I wish I could take pics as well as he/she do

recognize this face. The next FIFA World Player of the year in line. The best player on the planet currently perhaps

Anyhow, Happy HOLIDAYSSSsss =D !!!!

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