Monday, March 2, 2009



Thank you everyone who made an effort to give me a surprise today in school! Eventhough its not how a surprise are meant to be, but I still appreciate it very much!

I love the bag too! the card !

So as they planned (I suppose) this a week earlier. From the 'hidden' conversation and also the way people are wishing me I can roughly guess it. But nonetheless, its still something I'll appreciate very much.

That's for this year. Flashing back, I had this moment of surprise last year. It was in NS which I celebrated my 18th birthday. 

People coming from different states and places actually knew and remembered my birthday and hell yea, it was a really really big surprise. There might not be cakes, but the way the try to make up for it certainly proved unforgetable.

The photo show's the 311 group celebrating my birthday. I really appreciate that very much, as previous years I have lesser surprise aside from being 'raped'.

Anyway, Thank You Everyone!

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