Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sports Day 2009

It was the sports day. The annual sports day.

More update on it when I feel like it.

For years I've been wondering why our school can never compete competitively in major sports event. Athletic to be more exact. Now I think I know why. The likes of JJ are exception. He is one of those rare breed that comes out once or twice in every decade.

Take today's sports day as example. A screw-ed up one. Imagine a major sporting event like this without a march past involving major uniform bodies and without the tent's decoration. Never mind that they did not provide the eight houses with a single penny and expecting us to be in good sporting behaviour. I remember a remark from a student, 'this is worse than primary school sports day!'

As it starts, the eight captains were holding their respective flags, waiting for the proceedings to go on. As JJ steps on for the ikrar thingy, all eight of us were clueless on what to do and where to go. The result of non-preparation prior to the day. Furthermore there were a bitch barking about someone's hair at the back and moaning it all over to her counterpart on such a day.Gimme a break!

Then comes the part where I really get frustrated and disappointed. Ok I accept that its luck that got me the first lane, but I really don't think anyone can run of slippery and soft surface. Try running on curve too. In addition, the distance of each runner on different lane is different. Take lane 1 and lane 2 for example. The gap between these two is too huge for a 200m track and hell, there were even patches of water everywhere.

I remember back then in 2003 when somebody else was in charge of this, we were standing proudly in a stadium but things get worse after that. The standard of sports here has dropped terribly and to the disappointment of every single one that cares about it.

And what they care? playing 'chest' and the fucking IT? and paying over rm80 for it? rubbish. investing money on it and getting major achievement in a 'sport' where you remain sitting throughout the game in addition of very very few competitors is an achievement? LOL to yourself la. Why not investing in cricket and archery? There's only a few school competing in this event and a little investment can bring your student and school's name to MSSM straight. No wonder that the form 3 kid that were champion in MSSKL Bangsar last year transfered to SMK Sri Sentosa, a school famous for athletic, but bare in mind its not a project school. Well done to him.

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