Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Pratically, the sports season is over to me.

I am done with the basketball, sports house and nothing else I'll be involving in, hopefully.

As the sports day just passed few days ago (If you read the previous post), I promise to give some kind of update right?

Ok so here it goes. Its not a day I would like to remember for various reason. Things didn't go the way I hoped it would be and I got myself only 2 medals. Both bronze for 4x100m invitation run and 100m. Why? read the previous post. To make things worst, I pulled my hamstring for the very first time. The unbearable pain the moment it occur left me falling towards the finishing line during the 4x100 final. It will heal in a week time so no futsal for this week =/

The 'march past'

Mr Au Peng Wah, the OBA pres and also my scouter inspecting my house, Goh Tong
Walking back to the tent
600~!The Prize giving..

So after the sports season, I found myself awfully tanned. My arm is like burned while my body is perfectly fair D=

Photo says a million words right?

Oh Happy April Fool!

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