Wednesday, February 18, 2009

so close yet so far

1 step.. its sooooooooooo close yet so far..

For the first time, FIRST TIME in my secondary schooling life I failed to get pass the 400Metre event on sukan tara day. I consider 400m as one of my favourite event, as I previously won a few medals at this event. 

But now? I can't even get pass the required time for it. 70 seconds or 1 minute 10 seconds. I lose out by merely a step. Just a step to the finishing line and I am done with, but I failed. I FAILED!What further make the thing worst is that I had a record of around 1 minute when I was competing for the school way back in form 4.

But the bright side is, no other people, yes NO ONE passed the required time too. It was a complete KO for us kelas 1, the fifth and sixth formers.

Grrrr no use fussing over spilled milk. 

Oh i passed the shot putt this year! The event I had the least confident of passing. something which I should cheer about?

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