Saturday, February 21, 2009

so close yet so far ; case 2

Its cross country day. Somehow I don't feel the urge in me this year around. 

Got up pretty late as blur only coming to pick us up at 7.10. I could have either walk there, but i was lazy. Met up with Shirley, JunBin and Fleming at the LRT station. Upon reaching, we could feel the buzz around. Oh the starting point for this year changed to somewhere near the Telekom. 

Sometimes its kindda frustrating waiting for the event to start. The kelas 3 boys were called to the starting point before 9 o'clock but they only start after 9.30. I still remember back in form 1 when I was in kelas 3 the kelas 1(my current kelas) started first then only the lower forms' turn. Why does it always have to be us to be the one waiting?

Waited and waited.. 

then off we go! This year I could say I was pretty determined not to let the house down. Every year I had this 'high expectation' from the people around me but I failed them throughly. But this is my last year doing this kind of running so I am all fired up to give it my best. 

"Don't give up on me" was keep on playing in my mind as I had the leg to carry on but not the lung. 26th. 

the winner to the 25th place will earn points for their respective house. Yeap. I missed out by just a place and I could actually see the 25th person in front of me. 

'my blur face while the prize giving ceremony was going on'

Finished, then makan at Jusco's Kim Gary. Eat eat talk talk then heads home. 

Khew came over as he needs to wait for his mum to finish work. 

That pretty up sum up a tiring day.

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