Tuesday, February 3, 2009

School's gonna reopen in.. few hours time? Gosh I am still stuck in the CNY mood. Thou it might not been pleasant to me and my family.

My sis was robbed today as she was returning home from work. 2 guys, apparently malay in helmet grabbed her from the back and robbed off everything, including her handbag and phone. 

Then now I am hearing firecrackers noises everywhere. According to my mum, today, Chor 8 is the day where the Hokkiens 'Bai tin gung', a date where it is thought to be very important to them. Too bad I can't join in the fun of playing firecrackers.

AND Robbie Keane is apparently due to leave Liverpool, but somehow I am not saddened by this. To be honest I don't think he is what he was anymore. 

Get the money spend somewhere else Rafa!

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