Sunday, February 8, 2009

rush rush hush

pink panther

Uh huh I watched it and its really funny.

Detective Clouseau(correct me if I am wrong) acted well with his French accent of English. Its definitely a good movie to watch if you're looking for a big laughter.

By the way, yesterday was the crossing over ceremony for our troop, the 10th KL. From the boys scout to senior scout and some from the senior scout to the rover scout. Took some photo and I am hardly in any of it except for the group photo. I do not have any of the photo with me either.
Rushes home to pass something to a friend of mine. Saw Jyne(blur) blurring too.

Urh rush to TS again to meet up with the Morianz.
Szeto, Kar Hoe, Kar Heng, Joel, Me and Andrew

Movie then, and Kar Hoe got hushed by the neighbour of his for making stupid noise. Embarrassing for us.

Rushed back home again, to get to Darren's place. Its his first birthday!

In case if you don't remember how cute he is..

He's getting cuter day by day and everytime I sees him for sure i'll hug him up

How I wish he could start calling me 'lai fu'!! (means the youngest uncle)

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