Thursday, February 5, 2009

Graduated Under18 VS Current Under18

As planned, today is the much awaited mouth watering clash between the current under18 team and the graduated under18. 

Didn't generate much crowd though, as we started the match late, at 3.00pm

The presents were Eric, Jason, Ryan, Keh Bin, Jen Ruw, Meng Shen, Zhi Hao, Wilson, Wai Leong and Zhi Hao so called 'brother'. Meng Shen didn't play though.

As expected, the graduated would run out victorious given their vast experience of playing competitive basketball and also their more physically built body. 

Final score? 62-48, with the likes of Wilson and Wai Leong contributing most of the points. 

and that's me mind you

Ryan, Meng Shen, Eric and JasonDennis, with the current Under18 side

Wilson and Zhi Hao

Grr the current ones needs to sharpen their skills more!

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