Saturday, February 28, 2009


Read on if you're a football(Liverpool) fans. This post serves as a reminder to myself.

Recent news of Rick Parry leaving the club at the end of the season has written a new chapter into the off-pitch drama of Liverpool. I as loyal as ever to Liverpool aren't surprised by the news however. This is not the first time that Liverpool make headlines for something which seems unnecessary.

Ever since the purchase of the club by the American owners of Gillett and Hicks, Liverpool have been in somewhat of turmoil. First it was the much anticipated 'plan' for the new 60,000 seats stadium, then the rumours oft their intention to hire Jurgen Klinsmann in place of Rafael Benitez before the owners' conflict which still haven't resolve until today, then, it is the contract saga between Rafael and the club, in which reports says that he wants Rick Parry out of the club. Oh did I mention the debt the American owners had for he club which might result in the drop-down sale of Fernando Torres and Ryan Babel to mention a few and also the case of Rafael's taunt at the press conference towards Alex Ferguson?

I can't deny that Liverpool's result have been somewhat encouraging in comparison to their results few years back. Top of the table at the beginning of January do sum up their title credential but recent draws against the 'minnows' do peg them back greatly. The inability to chalk up a win at home against the bottom half's team is something rather sad.

The purchase and selling of Robbie Keane hasn't helped much either. 19mil wasted as he just doesn't gel into the Liverpool team despite his work rate and determination. A few goals here and there aren't enough.

Apparently, Torres is suffering from the 'second season' disease that struck a lot of great players at their first season at a foreign league. His injuries hasn't help much either. This time last year he has got 20 odds goals to his name but the current campaign his goal tally hasn't been encouraging. He's still a great player and I still like him very much but in my opinion, the off-field turmoil has played a part in every Liverpool's players.

Off-pitch dramas as such has greatly dampen the club's hope and lets just hope it will end, soon.

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