Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Kit Yee!!

Happy Birthday Thoong Kit Yee!! 18 and legal !!

8 of us went to Pavilion to celebrate her birthday. We are Kit Yee the birthday girl, Shirley, Meng Hua, Chien Ling, Tung, Kar Heng, Xiau Jing and last but not least, me.

Shir, Meng Hua, B'day Girl, Chien Ling, me, Tung, Kar Heng and Xiau Jing

We meet up at 12, after our tuition with Meng Hua, Shirley and Xiau Jing then we had lunch at theThai Express where they kind of like value the spiciness of their food by giving a chili beside the name of the food and I can tell you that 1 chili can cause serious hotness within your tongue and have you sweating like you're on the basketball court but you're are actually just eating a Thai food which was only given 1 or maybe more chili for the value of their spiciness and and and the lingering hotness you have in your tongue aren't like the normal spice you get in Malaysia or any places other than Thailand.

*Duh craps~

see the red thingy?

Then we head for the movie, Max Payne. Its kind of worth watching,with the suspension and thrill you get in the movie. Kar Heng certainly got 'excited' by the thrill by jumping off her seat. Missing a single dialogue might make you not understand the movie. hmm overall a 8/10 for the movie.

Madagascar 2!!

~the birthday girl and I~

Window shopping after the movie and then end up at SG Wang, where we did this. IT IS NOT VANDALISM!

lol its angkara Shirley, not mine

More pics at my friendster profile

It pretty much sum up the day with the stuff we did. Anyway, Happy Birthday Kit Yee!


~* kY *~ said...

heyo, thanks for the celebration today... (n_n)
appreciate it =)

~* kY *~ said...

and thanks for spelling my name correctly.. hehe...