Sunday, October 26, 2008

they were asked to pose weird

kar heng that can't stop eating

Chien Ling, Meng Hua and Pn. Gan lol
Why didn't Sam pose??
Ng Kar Heng & Wong Weng Sing

spot mine =)
Lucky draw # 1
Lucky Draw # 2
Lucky Draw # 3
Lucky Draw # 4
Lucky Draw # 5
Kar Heng: KaMeHaMeha!!!!
World Oxygen weight boxing champion Ng Kar Heng

joi Yammmmmmmmmmm~~~~~
Don't Let it stop!!!
so thats yam sing +)
glup glup glup~~
He's drunk
releasing it all out after the MBS Idol was delayed

Kar Heng's getting excited
Shir and Jyne~
A good example of Morianz..
last minute work!!!


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lilikoo said...


Gosh i miss those class parties....ROAR.