Saturday, October 25, 2008

Class Party!!!

The day started off rather slowly, as we were literally forced to have our class for the first 3 periods. Luckily enough though, it was just P.A. Encik Azlin don't have the mood to teach either, initially until Jun Yang ask En. Azlin "cikgu, tak ada mood nak belajar la". En. Azlin "ko ingat saya ada mood ke?" LOL!!!

This just shows that all of us are ready for.. PARTY TIME!!

We had steamboat, muffins, some french fries, satay, bla bla bla etc. Uncountable. Everyone did their part in bringing at least a bottle of drink to make this a memorable one.

But aren't it bores you if you only eat and drink? I and Kar Thye was looking for some victim but due to the even number of boys and girls we have in class, we have to make do with only one target. Numerous time on him. Lee kan Feng, the noob monitor. Fortunately for him, the degree of his torture was relatively low compared to what I(we) did on others this time last year.

Photo to come after i receive them.

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