Friday, February 8, 2008

CNY Second Day

Nothing amusing. Its the second day of CNY. As usual, went to 'bai nian'. This time, to my aunt's house which is in Sri Petaling. She's ill and therefore she couldn't make a trip to Pudu, the 'kampung' of ours.

Mahjong is getting over our heads. Addicted? Hope not. But one thing for sure, mahjong is interesting, fun and can get your mind to work
~candid shot of my sisters' face and hand~

Some of the photo from my NS camp..

~All the above pictures were taken in the Pahang Buddhist Association Temple~

~Ramlan and I~

~Buds of dorm A1. p/s ignore the finger~
~A1 buds~
~on my Rank Awarding Day~

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