Saturday, December 12, 2009


Miss me? Miss me not? Just say you miss me even if you're not. Ok that's a lil lame so mind yourself plesaaseeeeee.

I am done with the STPM examination!


I should say instead breathe a huge sigh of relief. 5 months prior to the examination, many shitty things happened. For example, I studied(yes I actually dedicated a lot of time on revision believe it or not), I studied, and I studied. Isn't it shitty enough?

I've got lots of things to do after this and updating this blog certainly eats up a lot of time so in the coming posts I might jump some event which happened in the past months.

Anyhow, More updates coming soon. Stay tune, junkies =D

But WAIT!!

In case any of you forgotten how I look or somehow thought my look changed(in which many of you did), I can tell you that I only get fairer and its NOT A BIG CHANGE.

(Sam dun get happy to see yourself in my blog)
Stay Tune¬

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