Sunday, December 27, 2009

I can swim!

Being random is fun isn't it? Well we can be random in our decisions, thoughts and deeds(sometimes, literally)

So being random was how it went. Random thoughts and random decisions propel us for a swimming session after our basketball game and boy, I can swim now!

Shall I introduce you my coaches?

coach #1, Meng Shen, with his thoery
Coach #2, Khai Wen, with his forcing style
coach #3, Eric, with his hardcore style
Coach #4, Keh Bin, with his 'professional' style

There's coach number 5 actually, Jun Min but he refuses photo of him taken.

Anyhow, much thanks to their endless torment , I am able to swim at long last , but I need more practice!

we look "korean", Don't we?
big bang mania ROFL

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