Saturday, July 4, 2009

It seems that I haven't been updating for a week! All thanks to endless works and not having the right material to do so. Anyway, I won't be updating at all(1-2 post per month at best) for the next 4 months as my sis' going back to Sabah bringing along this laptop I'm using now. and did i mentioned that my desktop was not functioning since eons ago?

OK. Anyway, the past week hasn't been as good as it is. We lost in the football telematch which means we won't be able to defend our title as the champion. 2-2 after full time and penalty kick knocks us out =(

Then the orientation program for the juniors just ended to the happiness of the juniors. I got a vote for the best senior! I can roughly guess who voted for me though.

Then the Bio experiment on Friday. FLOWERS!!
Us Morianz and Kensett bio fellas were put to the ultimate task of drawing the microscopic structure of the flowers' reproduction organ and the magnifying glass provided makes things worse. imagine that.

Then to the hater. If you're jealous cause you don't get a fuck then just fuck it and leave my friend alone would ya? I will appreciate it very much if you would just stop misusing the school's Internet facilities and stop faking ME as if you don't have your own name? oh I know, you got no life.
If you're so desperate to get to know her, just come forward and talk like a real man instead of acting like a sissy here and using words that you don't even understand. I bet to you that if I want to know whoever that did this it's not difficult at all. Don't bet with me.

Anyway, anyone going to the cheer competition?

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