Saturday, July 11, 2009

hasta la vista! Gonna be inactive in 4 months!

This post will probably(PROBABLY) be the last before a long time.
*read the previous post

So as to say goodbye to you fellow loyal readers, you might be interested in this(especially Morianz and some MBS old timer)

If you are wondering who is he, he is Mrs Yap Kien Ming's son. Brian(correct me if I am wrong!)

Apparently this photo won the first prize among Asians and 7th in the world.

Spot Mrs Yap in the photo? Tell me if you do, cos she's not there. lol crap.

By the way, the Morianz0607 blog is renovated and its up for view now! Do have a look whenever you're free!

Anyway, I should sign off here with a warm GOODBYE
and wish me good luck in STPM Trials lar!

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