Friday, June 19, 2009

Screw you speaking!

"do you think that you deserve more mark than the previous one?" Mrs. Yap asked

"Well we have to be confident with our own performances, so a yes from me" says candidate B while the other 3 candidates remain silent.

I am candidate B mind you. Today was my group's turn for MUET Speaking test and I can say that my score was pretty much screw-ed. S C R E W - E D.

Reason why was, we've forgotten to mention or to say anything regarding one of the point and I dwell on one of the point too much. Apology to my group members but its said and done, so that's it. I am never gonna repeat that dumb mistake again!

Anyway, why am I so bothered by this anyway? Its just a mid term exam anyway.


Orientation started anyway. nothing much about it but someone did managed to get some fun out of it. Honestly, I don't like torturing or fooling them cause I know it myself very well that being fooled ain't fun and whats more, I didn't even do any orientation to my seniors last year.

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