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Lately some of my friends were posting about something related to Morianz and friends and stuff so I would like to follow too.

But mine would be longer I think, thinking back my secondary school life.

Form 1
I barely remember anything back then, but I won't forget who I first met and who are those that knows me and remain close to me til now. I was in
1D Back then, I was the only one from my primary school, SK(L) Jalan Pasar 2 to be in MBS. MY first day was.. pretty up summed up by reading the BM novel all form 1s have to read which I've forgotten the title now. Then this fella seated beside me, Li Meng Shen asked something to do with PJ class( I couldn't remember the actual question) and yeah, that's how we start talking to each other and ironically, he is in the same condition as me, alone in the unfamiliar place.
The first year gone and pass pretty fast I would say, meeting fellow classmates
Khew Wei Hoong, Joel, Melvin, Eric, Khai Wen, Andrew Tay, Paul, Meng Hua(bus mate), Wing Luo(scout), Yew Son(Doraisamy), Ashwin(football) and many other friends.

Form 2
Form 2 I really explodes into 'being myself' . I was in
2M I couldn't remember much either cos too many things happened. All I remembered was Ashwin was my partner in crime back then. Oh I was the monitor too(up until I resigned). I, Melvin, Khew, Yew Son, Sze To, Seng Hang, Shim, Kar Heng and Johnny were in the same class. I remember that we lost in the class-on-class football final in front of many people(err I don't know why we were playing on front of large crowds) to 2 O. And another thing is that I no longer take bus home but LRT and I, Melvin, Eric, Paul and sometimes Meng Shen would always go back together and sometimes races to the LRT station too! I won the Olahragawan kelas 3 too on the same year.

Form 3
PMR year and I can admit that I did not study for it at all. All of us were playing throughout the year. I was in 3O with
Yew Son, Sze To, Shim, Johnny and Kar Heng again and it would continue until form 5. Form 3 to me is the year which I broke into the basketball squad and officially in the school athletic team having represented the school in form 2 only for their 'luar musim' and cross country race.

Form 4
the year which I had the fear of my lifetime. I was miraculously placed in the art stream. I appealed and ended up in
4 Mori and hell, who would have guessed what will happen in the next 2 years. Everyone was saying form 4 is not honeymoon year but again, none of us care. We proudly call ourselves Morianz with the addition of a lots of study-cum-playful type of students. Kiyun, Andrew Lee, Kar Hoe, Wing Luo, Ryan, Sam, Baarathan, Vaageesan, Kelvin, Alvin, Chen Fai to name a few were the pround addition. We did things never thought before. For example, Wing Luo's famous rant at Pn Low and all the 'raping' among guys which we did almost daily. Our class teacher is even better. Cik Norizan wouldn't hesitate to give us few periods of happy hour weekly and so does teachers like Pn Musliha and Pn Tay. While those are the periods where we can have fun, we too have hard times against teachers like En Uthaya and me personally, Mrs Ramani as she was my English teacher in Set 1. Its also the year I officially being active in Interact Club and went for the ILTS at Karak.

ILTS at Karak

Form 5
Perhaps the most unforgettable and enjoyable time in MBS.
Morianz took over the school! We would just grab hold of anyone passing by our kaki lima and strip him down to his underwear aka, rape. We did all the things deem illegal but surprisingly, all were left unnoticed by the school authorities. Our notice board at the back were all sex related articles which left Mrs Yap and Mr Uthaya fuming, one of the notice board were the 'punching bag' for us, using the window as the mirror as to when and where teachers are coming from, having a Nike poster as our Morianz S.C. official posters and a wrestling league. We had great teachers like Mr Chin and Pn Too. Mr Lee who always lecture us, Pn Low who can't pronounce zero correctly and the infamous sister to Ki-yun, Mr Ramesh who would join us for football, Mrs Yap who we love to hate or in other words, tease, Mr Uthaya who actually don't catches long hair in class except for Sam's, Cik Norizan who would't care what we are doing at the back of the lab, and the 4 English teachers. Anyway all the teachers still loves us in my opinion.
taken on the last few days before SPM

Perhaps this post is a little to long, but I won't blame you if you did not read it all. It's something that you wold be missing though.

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