Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Appreciate your life

Very recently, I pretty much crawled out from the hell's gate. reason why is (i think) we escaped a mandatory 'death' sentence enforced by the driver. A near death experience perhaps?

The newly enforced law of having to buckle up at the back seat had us going 'wtf?'. But isn't it common or well, something usual to buckle up at the front seat?

Ok imagine now. I m in the passenger seat and the driver on my right hand side and 3 more person at the back seat. 2 girls and a boy.

As I keep on reminding the driver to buckle up, the driver(note, the driver only) insisted on ;

Driver : aiya don't need worry de lar.. there won't be police around this road.. they will usually be around the other way in
Mr Passenger : don't take anything for granted wei
Driver : ....

As she drives on, upon the hideout covered by trees , there were around 6-7 policeman doing a roadblock. Talk about luck.

So being as blur as the driver, she pull the safety belt in lightning speed and let go of the steering wheel allowing it to flung its own way. Imagine that and her feet hasn't let the throttle go.

What should I, seated beside the driver do? Of course I gab hold of the steering wheel and look as if nothing is happening to the curious face of the policemen. Even the policemen look at us as if nothing had happened and we manage to go through it, unharmed, alive and of course with a little bit of nerves tingling.

The best part is, the driver herself even say that "oh my dad says that if you pull the safety belt too fast, it will get stuck and that's what happened on my first try just now so, I took a deep breathe and pull it slowly at the second time"

Great? now appreciate your life.
bla bla bla


main character: driver
supporting actor : front passenger seat
special appearance: back guy passenger seat 1
female supporting actress: back girl passenger seat 2 & 3

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