Monday, March 23, 2009

Why I like number 7

This is nothing coincident, at least to myself.

Why I like the number '7' so much? Probably David Beckham can tell me why.

I remember back then, in 1998 where the 1998 world cup was held, my family just installed the Astro. Astro as you know, telecasts live football matches and forth.

Then my dad was just like other ordinary guy which likes football as much as others. I began watching football then I suppose.

Then there was this fella, practically unknown to me, which wore the jersey number 7 and he's a star of that time. The star of the England Team which my dad was tuning onto.

that's how it started I guess.

my jersey collections. All but 1 are 7

So as I grew up, I began idolising the man from Manchester, although I support Liverpool. I began mimicking his weird freekick style and stuff. style might be but not the quality he puts up. His freekick is just mesmerising.

So that probably explains why i like the number 7.

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