Thursday, March 12, 2009


at least for now..

OK so here it goes again. Routine examination I would say? At least I did so revision this time around, but I dare not hope for a good ones.

The past week i've been busy with all kind of stuff. Exam, Goh Tong and basketball. Of course I'll put priority in exam first, knowing the fact that this will be the third last exam before the real STPM

So chemistry and maths, the subject I do not wish to comment.

Then Bio. Oh how God loves me. I hafal and hafal the glycolysis thingy and it comes out exactly like how I wished it to be!

Enough on exam. Football and Liverpool. It might sound late, but the trashing and humiliating of Real Madrid, dubbed the greatest club in European soccer history was humbled 4-0 at Andfield

4-0 babe

If its not for Casillas' heroics, the scoreline would even be more flattering now.

Basketball now. Did I mentioned that we're in the same group with Sri Sentosa?  and BBSP.

Winning against Sri Sentosa would seems a unrealistic dream, but dream on we dare. Progressing to the latter stage didn't seems difficult as the match against BBSP should be fine. 

Oh tomorrow's the heats' day! 

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