Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to school

After 7 weeks of holiday, I am back to school! but its nothing to be excited about.

The school is so jammed up! people are everywhere, ranging in all ages. Those form 1 kids were kinda cute lol but what's the fuss all about? single session school -____- which means classes until 1.45 or more. Poor those Kensett fellas as they have classes until 3.10(I heard) for certain days.

And apparently, malao stopped school. And two new addition to the class. Kelvin from Setapak High and Dennis from.. Kenssett. Smart choice as he choose Mori as our class ends on 1.45 everyday.

Then there were this short test for Maths on Trigo.

Skip it

PA. New teacher. Someone less liken by us for various reason.

skip it also

School Website. I mean club website. Basketball Club

Take a look if you will. I put in some effort.

Oh CNY shirt, anyone?

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