Wednesday, December 10, 2008


6 weeks, it is supposedly meant to be used for revision. Well.. supposedly..

Monday should went into the record books, as I slept for 16 hours straight from Sunday's evening. Woke up on 12 and supposedly use the day fr some kind of revision, but the almighty procrastination took charge again

supposedly.. well yea supposedly go to school early to conduct basketball training, but I somehow forget to set my alarm the night earlier, and bravo me, overslept until 12+ .

Wednesday = today
At the very least I think I did something i supposed to do, which is to go to school. Went I did and then I supposedly save up some money for a bag which I crave for, but I still spent, not much though. Anyway spending is still spending, and spent it has, so no turning back. Gone the money gone~~supposedly


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