Monday, December 29, 2008

Kem PLKN Kampong Hijrah Penor. A year on

Exactly a year ago, 366 days ago, roughly few hours back I was there, there at a small town namely Kampong Hijrah, Penor, Kuantan, Pahang. To give a full name, Its Kem PLKN Kampong Hijrah, Penor, Kuantan. Yes is was the first day of the beginning of the 80++ days National Sevice training stint for me.

The day I move

The first day were virtually unknown to me, as I have no one to talk to and no offense to some there, particularly the bumis, they really look suspicious in every sense. All I can do is just have a talk or two with the first person I know there, and ironically a Malay, Fajar.

The first few days gone by really slowly. I barely remember what happened except for The management of the camp, sorting out of the dorm members and also the balding process. I remember myself being reluctant to shave my head and was practically being forced to. That's when I know some of my good friends, Jacky, Elephant, Weng Yu, Kah Choon, Wai Hong, Jacky and Amirul.

Elephant, Cikgu Mus, Ah Hong and Me.
Shen Yeong I and Jacky
Kevin, Jacky and I


After all this, there was his election for the camp's leaders. I was selected the head for the boys, namely the wira. We went through some kind of screening with our ability to shout out commands, to march or maybe there's something more to it, as I initially have no intention of getting any post out of it, in other sense getting myself less trobule. But who on earth would know that the post I got is such a memorable one.

So the 19th Jan was the position award day, which was also the open day. The award was witness by every trainee in the camp and oso some parents who came by to visit their love ones.

My post award day.

Too many things happened and I can't list it all out here. Times flies then came the Chinese New Year break for 5 days. I went back to KL then back to Penor again. Had activities like the shooting range with the M-16, the explorace where my kompany, Alpha turn out to be the champions led by me, the Wirajaya and also numerous fashion shows I was involved in.

Lets the pics tel the story.

On ma birthday =)

my dorm

The day we had gotong-royong at the beachexplorace
L-R:Suvisha, the ketua Wirawati, Cikgu Shah, Malik the Ketua Keseluruhan, Cikge Abe and me
Ramlan, the orang asli and me on the last night of our 3 months training stint
Ramlan again
Yu, on her birthday and I was asked to do something on that night. Chinese called this 'put on the table'
The chinese guys at the temple, every Sunday The chinese.

we even have our group name. 311, resembles the day we willbe leaving the camp. March 11th

The group photo for the Wira.

The group photo for the Alpha Company.
The award I receive for my contribution.
These is not all pics. There's just too much to be uploaded. There's a lot more at my Friendster!


= Jun Yee = said...

Hi! I m oso former trainee frm plkn kem hijrah penor. Bt i m d 2009 yr 1st batch.Nice 2 meet u! =D

•:*:• 8 - July •:*:• said...

hai..sekarang kami tengah organize MEGA REUnion PLKN HIJRAH PENOR under CG AKIM (x-JL)...kami perlukan kerjasama anda untuk sebarkan kepada kawan2 anda...


PLK HIJRAH PENOR FACEBOOK...!/group.php?gid=23905039502

DISCUSSION MEGA REUNION (maybe on 2011- All BAtch)!/topic.php?uid=23905039502&topic=14927

SyeqaShah said...

i'm from kump 2 siri 10/ you're from team alpha...nice to meet you...

SyeqaShah said...

helloooo!!i'm from kump. 2 siri 10/ i got pelepasan awal to further my i can be consider as the former trainee..btw love your story...selamanya #kemhijarahpenor #team alpha...

SyeqaShah said...

i'm from kump 2 siri 10/ you're from team alpha...nice to meet you...