Friday, December 12, 2008

Insects fos STPM; I am done!!

So yesterday after the basketball training, I went to Kar Heng's house to finish up the practical. It took us nearly 7 hours! Khew, Jun Bin and Kar Heng even started work on 9 itself.

Its quite troublesome to get to her house, well at least to me, as I was lost on the way wth!

took some effort for them to reach me and getting to her house. Then went for lunch and I swear to God that I won't order roti canai at that particular restaurant again. never.

Then work resume and we are quite happy with the result, even there might be some disagreement as which insect are suppose to be in and which is supposed to discard.

Give some comment lar please.

Then today I was out to Sg Wang after receiving a call from Yew Son. A quick shower then off to Hang Tuah and met him up. Craps after craps we managed among ourselves then went kacau Shim. He's working for Maxis Broadband, RM100 perday/3days per week WTH!!!

jalan-jalan again and saw Marcus and Seng Jun.

Saw this band like performance at the entrance of Times Square. They were combining music and noisiness I suppose, but to great effect and managed to draw quite a huge crowd.

Nothing else to do then off we go and heads home.

Thats all to round up a boring day.

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