Thursday, December 18, 2008


Had bbq at Jyne's place yesterday and I've gotta admit, BBQ is nice!

I had tonnes of chicken wings, lamb chop, sausage and pizzas no thanks to those who eat very very little. But still, we were unable to finish the food even with the combine force of me and Meng Hua.

Heard that Jyne was the one that marinate the food.
wei don't get perasan

Its quite nice larr.. hmm

its 7 i think
its 9 or 10..
its 15!!
lol gym time

squash, featuring nicol shirley ding
then its basketball time

Jyne: argh hot ar!

lol camwhorer shirley

lol tricked!
Jyne's bday present
Pianist Choo
Her bro~
while i was lightning it up...
the rest look on..
and Shirley came kacau
and running around

Oh ya, my phone spoilt. duh

so it means I've lost some of the recently added phone numbers. Those old ones I still have it in my sim card. Uh huh my sim can only hold up to 250 contacts. So u guys pandai pandai send me yr number larr if not then I'll be asking this question "who are you?" over and over again.

Not in mood now
thank you phone
good night

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