Monday, November 3, 2008

Disecting grasshopper

So as planned, today's the day where our class will be dissecting the grasshopper that we were asked to catch a week ago. If you've read the previous post on the grasshopper thingy, you'll know what it is all about.
Before the experiment begins

For a moment I felt like casting in a CSI scene, with the forceps on my hand, and gloves and face mask on.

~Kah Hui and I, masked and gloved, ready for some dissecting moment~

Out of the 4 stuffs we were asked to prepare, we was first taught how to preserve liverwort, a kind of seaweed bought by Kit Yee. Then the second one, the fern leaf will be done at home, as it requires no chemical.

Then comes the fun part, the houseflies and grasshoppers. Everything we did on the grasshopper was like "wahliao so cruel!!". From being a little pet of mine for the past 7 days, killing it with chloroform really makes me feel bad. While other's grasshoppers was puking out blood once the chloroform, mine just seems to struggle and gasping for air, which makes me feel even more cruel.


and after
ps - the white thing on the left is the cotton soaked with chloroform

All muka serious

Once it's dead, all the stuff within the abdomen were taken out, with our face mulling over the cruelty of us human beings lol

An example of that face lol

briefly, the steps involved are

1) kill it with chloroform

2) place it on a plate with wax on it and piercing the neck with a pin

3) cut through the abdomen and remove all the 'stuff'

Thats me, dissecting through the abdomen

4) soak it with formalin then stuff the abdomen with cotton soaked with formalin

5) place it on a polystyrene board

I know I know, it looks lik Ehoo Wai Kien. Sorry for the bad handwritting!

Part of the class' end product.

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