Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Of grasshoppers, Selayang roundabout, permaisuri and lots of running with a smelly armpit

Wanna know what is this all about? read on~~

Ever wondered how tiring it is to 'pok dip' ? It's not fun at all! And most important of all is its tiring.

OK so now set the scene.

Imagine yourself in a park

Wandering in a gang of 7 around with fishing net on and looking like a fishmonger

hitting every bushes with yr limbs and got the most attention on you

in addition, it was on Deepavali Day, A PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

got the image?

So that's basically how we look like on yesterday. And you might ask, what were we up to? The answer is simple, I am here to catch bug(grasshopper).

Further frustrating it was.. for the first 3++ hours we end up catching just a 2cm x o.5cm tiny baby hopp. Initially exhilarating with the excitement of catching bugs, now with sighs of frustration and fatigue.

After much disappointment, we were all hungry and decided to have lunch at a nearby KFC. on the way Kah Hui said

" if i see any of it here i would just slam it with this net"

Initially, we were all thinking, " alar it wouldn't be here in a not-so-wild place, but something that really out of expectation, Kah Hui really got it, and slam it he did.

After 4 hours of fruitless attempts, we finally got one. We hunt further until we get a total of 6, one for each and then left.

Second Day

Same place we went to, but it seems like the remaining or escaped grasshoppers of yesterday send a SOS or SMS or some kind to their neighbouring friends.
Walking aimlessly
Tung trying to attract the grasshoppers
We end up getting one only after 2 hours. Xiau Jing's dad then called, saying that he got a few at a round about at SELAYANG.

Selayang? oh great! but on second thought, it would be a 20 minutes drive from permaisuri. a million of thank you to Chien Ling's parents, as we get a ride to there.

If you saw a group of youths, 3 guys(1 tall 1 thin 1 normal) and 3 girls(1 tall, 1 thin, 1 normal) trespassing in a round about near the Selayang Stadium, I can proudly say that i am one of them.

A quick view of Selayang roundabout
Who would have thought that a round about would have soooo many giant grasshoppers? Well sorry to the DBKL for trespassing there but I don't think we cause any damage to the plants there. Spent almost 3 hours there catching grasshopper and public attention lol.

Focus on Tung's hand
Initially we were all very shy of 'getting dirty' with the work of catching them, but after a while, all the elegant-ness, manners and shy-ness were all forgotten. We were all running around umpama dikejar lembu gila. caught a total of .. 9? or 10? i'm not sure as Meng Hua did all the calculation.

After that, rushes home cos' Meng Hua and Wan Jing need to rush for a tuition class with Mr. Chee.

Wan Jing, the photographer, showing off her 'offspring' lol

Getting home with a 2 grasshoppers(1 dead, 1 OKU with an amputated forelimb), smelly armpit, lactic acid and a strained butt ain't funny at all!



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