Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm so dead

OK lets get it straight. Finals is in 5 days time, and yet I don't think I did all the necessary preparations for it. Its gonna be a 2 weeks long ordeal. FULL STPM style exam.

For months I've been telling myself to read up everyting and anything needed but I don't think I accomplished it.. yet.. lol. Hey I did revision ok? just that its not enough.

Lets see.. Bio Chapter 1-4 & 6, Physical Chemistry Chapter 1-7, Organic Chemistry chapter 1,2,3(might differ on different book), Maths T paper1 Chap 1-4, paper 2 chapter 5&6, Pengajian AM(God knows til what chapter) and lastly MUET, the subject which I have the most confidence scoring better marks, but yet I don't think I can at this term. I am so dead

x . x

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