Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday SHIRLEY DING!!

4th Oct.

As the title goes, its Shirley Ding Suet Lee's Birthday! Happy sweet 18!! I was invited to her party few days ago, along with the message saying that she's discharged from the hospital. Shirley as you might know(if you read the previous posts) was my partner in that prom queen thingy during the orientation ceremony and I am glad to see and witness it with my own eyes she's back to her optimum health and what;s more importantly, she can't stop talking =D

Anyway, let the photo do the talking.

Samuel Das
Kit Yee

Kit Yee and the birthday girl

Jun Bin and Shirley
Shirley and Wan Jing
Noob Monitor
Ah Jie~Khew

mm~Making wishes..~~

Morianz and.. Kin Yang yang tersesat lol
Kin Yang, Morianz for today
Kit Yee and Jun Bin
Tung and Kar Heng
Shirley and Meng Hua
The birthday Card
Tung and Kar Heng
The birthday card.. again
The Birthday Girl Shirley Ding
Tung, Shir and Kar Heng
Jun Bin


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