Friday, October 10, 2008

argh! pain!

First of all, sorry for no updating for the past few days, as I am CURRENTLY having exam. Lets have a recap then..

Tuesday : Bio 2 and MUET 3. Bio did rather OK in my opinion compared to Chemistry as I am able to answer all the question without leaving any blanks. But whether it is right or wrong I am yet to know. MUET's fine. Overall verdict: Biology's interesting and I love MUET.

Wednseday: D-day. Chemistry 2 and MUET 4. 50% physical and 50% organic. I can only answer questions from the organic part, as the organic part was virtually blank. What I get really irritated was when the blawdy arshol was teasing on his own student abut the way we did the paper. He said; You guys know what is Ora Et Labora? Non of us was really interested initially, until the point he continue and say; its work and pray. NOW YOU PRAY FOR YOUR PAPER(something like this). What kind of teacher is this? Do he deserve to be one? HELL NO. Anyway, MUET 4 was fine. Overall verdict: only God can save Chemistry and I love MUET, again.

Thursday: Maths T paper 1 and I.T.. Not satisfied with what I did. I did not have enough time and ended up not doing the last two question, which I know how to do. Before entering the hall I was telling Sam that if any of the question were to be from Matrices, I'll try 2 get max mark from it. Ended up being unsure of the final answer from the Matrices is rather sad. I.T. 60 question 1 hour is way too much time for us. Overall verdict: Maths; not satisfied, IT is boring.

Friday/today: Pengajian AM paper 2. Again, 3 hours is NOT enough. 5 bahagian which involve 3 essay stuff, a graph, and a pemahamanan style of answering need more than 3 hours. Most of the classmates were complaining they don't have enough time, but this time I did it just on time. Overall verdict: 3 Hours is not enough for PA paper 2.

then went futsal today. I am in pain now, both the ankle and my right knee. I rarely get injuries. Played for 3 hours straight. Only a few minutes break in between.
The incident at the right knee was when I and Melvin was both vying for the same ball, i tried to get a shot away while he was trying to block it. What happened next was the ball flew out of direction to where ever it is, followed by a loud bang. That's the only one incident I remember cause its really pain at that time.

pic of the day
wahahahaha =p

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