Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a change a year made

What changes can a year make? well..

Lets see Tung Kin Fai,

~Tung Kin Fai, jantzen a in form 4.~

The same boy you saw seconds earlier, now in lower 6, even with 'hotties' around him lol.

Now, Loo Jun Min.
Cute, ain't he?

3 years ago and now~

Joel Wong Joon Meng. The bug-faced walking dictionary of Morianz .

~do he look like a bookworm to you..? well.. he is

Bookworm no more!

~~what's more.. *ahem*~

Cheong Yew Son, probably one of the best buddy of mine. he hasn't change much actually, but with his current hairstyle, you definitely have your eyes drooling on him.

ordinary ain't he?

Picture tells a million words.

p/s: pics are grabbed randomly

Anyway I still love'em no matter how much they changed~

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